Dumhi Presents: Loosies Vol. 2: The Midnight Salad Sessions


If you have a hip hip, funk, or soul bone in your body, this is your listen of the week. Everybody makes beats and everybody puts out mixtapes. Few people do it like our homie Dumhi. The Philadelphia native is a booze-infused Zen Master of hip hop. Patient and humble, he quietly arranges pure gold in the studio basement of his house in South Philly. Then he calls his homies from all over the world to rap over them. As an MC I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect canvas and as a fan, this thing plays perfectly from front back. All of the guest vocalists (the likes of Side Effect, Kane Mayfield, Mic Stewart, Skrewtape, Reef the Lost Cauze, Von Pea, Burke the Jurke, Ceeknowledge the Doodlebug, Open Mike Eagle and more) seamlessly pass in and out of Dumhi’s lush soundscape bringing different swings and perspectives to the record without ever coming out of pocket. Good vibes and rhymes are the unbroken wheel that Dumhi refuses to fix or reinvent, but gratuitously basks in on the second installment of “Loosies”. Check out the video for the single below:


[NEW Music] God Speech (Devil Is A Lie Freestyle)

Greatness take time. While we dig deeper into our new album, I took an afternoon to body this Rick Ross/Jay-Z instrumental, “The Devil Is A Lie”… Be sure to grab the free download, share and let the world know who goes the HAM-est over everything!


Mic Stewart talks to Radcast… And shit gets real…

PEACEWORLD, Big L Mixtape, Richard Sherman, LSD, Daft Punk and Black Keys jokes… I stopped by to see my good friends at RadcastPA and they didn’t leave a single stone unturned. We even talked about my chronic lung condition and I shared an impromptu, a’capella performance of the unreleased song, “Problems”.


radcast 540


#TBT – Rap + Hot Wings + Jesus Cameo = Timeless GOLD

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. Peep this Mic Stew x French Street Films classic!


New Release: Mic Stew x SAMlive “MLK Meet Richard Sherman”


This morning, as I routinely checked Facebook, I stumbled across countless troubling articles in my news feed.  Last night a world-class NFL Cornerback ended themost important game of his entire life with an interception.  Not 2 minutes after winning a brutally physical football game, securing a seat in the Superbowl, the Seahawks player aggressively addressed his opponents, the news anchor, and the world with a firm affirmation of his greatness in an adrenaline-charged post-game interview.  The man had just accomplished what few people will ever even dream of accomplishing.  What I encountered this morning was a series of articles highlighting racist Americans who swarmed to twitter in distaste of his enthusiastic display.  They called him a thug, a n*gger, an animal, and nearly every racial slur they could conjure with their narrow minds.  My Martin Luther King day was overshadowed by our country’s STILL extremely bigoted character.  I will never forget the day Martin Luther King met Richard Sherman.  I wrote a song that details the attitudes and systems that, to this day, keep MLK’s dream from coming to fruition… Share the message:  Continue reading »

New Release: The Big L Mixtape

“Philly MC Mic Stew is more than a rapper, he’s a passionate lyricist with talent well beyond his years. His latest offering The Big L Mixtape: Hello My Name is Michael Stewart is equal parts homage to a late hip-hop legend and Stew showcasing his undeniable skills.” – Katrina Murray; XPN: The Key

Big L 540

The cover of The Big L Mixtape is a simple screenshot taken from an interview where coincidentally, the legendary Harlem MC wore a shirt with Mic Stew’s name on it.

Click Here to watch the interview that inspired the mixtape

Click here to download the full mixtape directly

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2013: A Year In Review

I entered 2013 on an all time high, excited to shift the focus away from my stint as a battle rapper and toward my music.  I had just finished travelling the country as the National Red Bull EmSee Champion and my debut album PEACEWORLD was ready for release.  Whelp… 2013 has come and gone, and it’s time to look back and recount the cool shit that happened.

 PSA-Instagram 540

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PSA Motha Fucka…

DL Here:

New Release: Danger Zone

Mic Stew’s second offering off The Big L Mixtape features the classic instrumental from Big L’s Danger Zone. Originally produced by Buckwild and recomposed by SAMlive and Mic Stew.

Grab the free DL here and click the share button to show love:

Mic Stewart Makes John Vettese’s Top 5 Philly music discoveries of 2013 (The Key XPN)

It has been a long, fun year getting to know the guys at XPN.  Our introduction came courtesy of our mutual friend, and MC extraordinaire, Reef the Lost Cauze back in March 2013. They were one of the first media outlets to cover the music video for “I’m Not From Brooklyn”. From there, they consistently endorsed my events from my PEACEWORLD album release at Villa (Philadelphia) in April to my co-headline gig with Cee Knowledge at concerts in the park courtesy of Philly Weekly in September. They even invited me on air to share a half hour exclusive live performance of PEACEWORLD on their station 88.5fm WXPN (available for stream/download here).  To cap off a long, fruitful year, one of their senior writer/directors listed me as one of their top 5 Music Discoveries of 2013. It’s been an honor!

Click here to check out the full list of John Vattese’s 2013 Music Discoveries

Mic Stew xpn

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