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New Release: Mic Stew x SAMlive “MLK Meet Richard Sherman”


This morning, as I routinely checked Facebook, I stumbled across countless troubling articles in my news feed.  Last night a world-class NFL Cornerback ended themost important game of his entire life with an interception.  Not 2 minutes after winning a brutally physical football game, securing a seat in the Superbowl, the Seahawks player aggressively addressed his opponents, the news anchor, and the world with a firm affirmation of his greatness in an adrenaline-charged post-game interview.  The man had just accomplished what few people will ever even dream of accomplishing.  What I encountered this morning was a series of articles highlighting racist Americans who swarmed to twitter in distaste of his enthusiastic display.  They called him a thug, a n*gger, an animal, and nearly every racial slur they could conjure with their narrow minds.  My Martin Luther King day was overshadowed by our country’s STILL extremely bigoted character.  I will never forget the day Martin Luther King met Richard Sherman.  I wrote a song that details the attitudes and systems that, to this day, keep MLK’s dream from coming to fruition… Share the message: 


Make money take money write a money song
No tellin where they gon when the money gone,
The poor hate money cause they got none,
Rich folk cryin more money more problems
Let’s give it all to the poor and the lost and see how they fair when the money gone
What’s the outcome,
See it they could make in America without none,
Stupid ‘Merican stupid American
Money mic is my aka,
Living in AmeriKKK,
Where the minimum wage worker hates pay day,
And the trust fund baby born hit pay dirt,
Got a milly in the bank and ain’t never had to work,
All men are not created equal,
We’re created in a tax bracket,
Separated by inherited capital
Categorized by who can and can’t have it,
The top separators class and the second most popular inhibitor is blackness.
But we don’t wanna hear that shit,
We’d rather believe in the dream and bootstraps it…
Rather ignore facts than acknowledge history make peace and move past it
Fuck that shit…
Fuck that shit…
Uninhibited capitalisms fascist…

This is my sermon
Dear Martin Luther King…
Meet Richard Sherman

I can feel the rich people getting nervous,
Hate to see a poor man living in his purpose,
They thought they had it in the bag when they heard every single politician is for purchase,
Keep the people poor,
Subsidize hardships with governmental service,
Make sure the middle class hates blacks same time raise taxes the plan works perfect,
They forgot one thing,
A poor righteous man living out his purpose,
Throw a brick through a window stand tall speak loud ask a crooked politician was it worth it?
We could get the message out more if we boycott every industry that outsourced workers…
Man make money money don’t make man
American dream when money don’t change hands,
Like DJing in a club where the people don’t dance
It’s all part of the plan…
But if people don’t stand and the people don’t speak then the game don’t change and we don’t stand a chance.

But that’s old news…
Mcy d’s mad cheap
Cost a whole week paycheck to buy whole foods…

Some people think the systems broke too…
I say it’s working exactly how it’s posed to,
Ain’t nobody gonna stand one for all just ball keep your head down take care of those that you close to…

That’s my sermon
MLK meet Richard Sherman

© 2016 Mic Stewart Music